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Why small business needs Branding?

Small business owners are scared of turning themselves into brands. They think that only big fishes can call themselves brand because they have industry experience, tons of cash, and huge marketing budget. Surprisingly, that isn’t true. In fact, small business owners have as much a chance to become a brand as the big businesses themselves. By branding themselves, not only will they improve their value, but they will also get more customers, and increase their worth as a reputable business. 

Branding helps build trust

Branding helps small business owners present themselves professionally. This helps potential customers and clients see the brand products and services as trustworthy. As a first-time buyer from a brand, we all want to get trust so that we feel comfortable and satisfied that we are getting quality product/service for our hard-earned money.  And, that’s where branding helps.

Branding Improves Business

While having a new logo or a slogan look good for any small business, they don’t really carry any weight unless they have a story behind them. For example, take Google. Their logo exhibits simplicity, technology, and innovation. That’s why they have named their parent firm ‘Alphabet.’

Similarly, Nike is one company that is known by its slogan and logo. The slogan ‘just do it’ has embodied itself deeply in our minds due to clever marketing of the company. Now, whenever we see sports we think of Nike. And, their slogan also pushes us to limits by telling us to do it.

Branding Increases Worth

One of the best ways to get referrals for your business is by branding yourself. Again we will take the example of Nike. It was associated with sports from 1950s. But mostly the buyers were from white-background. Nike wasn’t able to penetrate the African market until it rebranded itself. How it did it?

It started an all-out campaign on mass media targeting athletes of colored backgrounds in various sports activities. Soon colored people were buying Nike products.

Branding Leads to Free Marketing

The mediums and channels you choose to build your brand help enhance your ability to move into new markets. Think about it, why do Chinese love Apple products? When Apple doesn’t even actively markets itself in China? This is because of the free marketing that Apple can now do because it has turned itself into a reputable brand.

But as a small business owner, you need to have a defined focus. Because if you have a focus that is too narrow, you will be ‘pigeon holed.’ Similarly, if you have a focus that is too broad, you will lose direction.

Branding Motivate Employees

The best part about turning your small business into a brand is that your employees will always remain motivated. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Employees tend to stay longer in companies that have turned themselves into brands
  • They think that the company is honest, transparent, and focuses on the growth of the company and its individuals
  • Anyone can hire employees, but only brand can hire motivated employees.
  • When your brand feels pride, your employees do well. And when they do well, there are more chances that they are going to stay in your company for a long time. This also increases the reputation of the company and make it a more plausible option for newcomers entering the industry.

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