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Whenever someone decides to start a new business or set-up a brand identity for their businesses, all they do is make a logo, visiting card, and stationery and call it branding. But huge giants like Apple, Adidas, McDonald’s, and Google say otherwise. They prove that being a brand – a well-trusted, consumer-centric and profit-earning brand is more about quirky logos and color palettes. These companies spent years on their services, design, and products to reach where they are today, they are the prime examples of converting a business into a brand, through consistent branding. 

So how do YOU convert a business into a brand?

In our opinion, each brand is like a person carrying a different personality that it develops over the years. And what we do for a person’s growth is hypothetically similar to what we need to do for your business to get converted into a brand. Let’s elaborate on this:

  • You need to dress it accordingly – your look on social media and elsewhere
  • Walk it around in the market to gain knowledge – marketing and experimenting.
  • Make friends and enemies too – Competition
  • Maintain connections – consumer satisfaction
  • Have your own voice – defining goals and making your company a people-pleaser but standing firmly on your values
  • Make your employee family happy – internal management

This is the basic process: every business can follow if they want company and sales growth. But it might be more difficult to implement. You get tied up in losses, competitor attitude, and too many channels. This is where BrandVed comes to your rescue. We not only help you to create brand identity, but we are with you from the start to the end. According to us, there are four major steps for your brand to stand out in the crowd, express to impress, and go global:

  1. Brand Identity – It is important to hit all the touchpoints in the Target Market, to stay relevant and desirable. For this, we need to establish creative concepts for your business, which are, naming, colors, logos, and taglines. These help you to make your presence known to all your target audience.
  2. Brand Positioning – After setting up your presence, it is important to get into the minds of your customers. This can be done through carefully designed and developed promotional communications through images, videos, graphics, compositions, copywriting. This not only makes your availability known to the customers but also determines your space in the current market.
  3. Brand Digitization – In today’s world, brochures and visiting cards don’t make an impact. Making your business strong and proactive using the tools of social media and designing is the way. A digital presence in the form of websites, apps, Instagram, Facebook helps you to create an epic brand experience. 
  4. Brand Promotion   – This is the kind of thing that never stops. Your audience will forever keep expanding and you’ll be needing to reach them every time. So SEO, SEM, Blogging, and Marketing strategies are the key elements you must’ve in your store if you want your brand to survive among competitors

Living brands are never complete. They’re always growing, shifting, competing, and showing up in new ways. You must constantly examine the landscape you’re in and the tools at your disposal. Your audience never stops caring, thinking, changing, communicating, or ideation, and neither can you. We, at BrandVed, can help you to make the business reach the destination that would otherwise get lost. With our 30 years of experience, in-house skillsets for design, marketing & communication, delivering to more than 100+ brands, we promise to make your brand an epicenter in your field.

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