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Platform for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs with the principle of help each other & grow together.


  • Attract More Members
  • Open More Chapters
  • Communicate Better & Clearer


  • Brad Identity:

    •   Kept logo basic design but changed Style & Color, Name was written in English for universal Acceptability
  • Brand Positioning:

    • Studied working style & defined “Business, Education, Family & Community” as Institutional Values ; which used to get practiced but were undefined.
  • Brand Digitization: Website

    • Brought to new WordPress Platform for Modern Look & Flexibility of Updating content
    • Me Udyojak Concept & Values got clearly explained
    • Information for Chapters, Their Meeting Venues, Day & Time easily accessible
    • CMS driven Event & Blog Sections for regular updates
    • Join Us section with explanation & form to allow New Website Visitors to become Chapter Visitors


  • 3 New Chapters opened in 6 Months ( 25% Business Growth)
  • Members started feeling more proud of with the association